What is your goal for your dental practice? Is it to make a lot of money? It is to have your team members make a lot of money? When you do make a lot of money, then what? Do you buy shiny things; new cars, bigger house a second home? Then what? Just keep repeating the cycle? Do you know what you need to do to actually gain fulfillment in your life, without all the money and that material lifestyle that a lot of us become addicted to? What is your REAL dream?



"When you have a dream, protect it. Protect it from everybody that tells you, you can't."

Will Smith, In The Pursuit of Happiness


Do you then HAVE to work to "keep up with the jones?" Where does your fulfillment come from? I know that there are a lot of questions here but think about it, Are you happy with what you do day in and day out? If your answer is not a clear YES, then this blog and AMP TV show is for you! In the movie, In The Pursuit of Happiness, Wil Smith has an unrelenting driving force to make his dream happen.

As he says, "You have a dream, go get it, period."

How many of you had that dream for dentistry and just dont feel that way today? Do you ever wonder what happened to that excitement? Money is vital in day to day life for sure. Fulfillment in what you are doing has a significantly grander value. Think about it. Are you offering the best to your patients when they tell you they are on a fixed income? Do you back off in your treatment presentation when your patients tell you they can't afford treatment? Are you fearful you will offend the patients what come to you for care because of cost and treatment? Now is the time to course correct. 

Onf of our AMP coaches was recently in an office and helped the doctor overcome his patients' objection of "I'm on a fixed income, Doc." This coach helped the Doc proceed to offer the best treatment to this patient. Guess what happened? The patient not only accepted the full mouth makeover, the treatment was significant in CHANGING THEIR LIFE. Talk about fulfillment!

How many times do we miss this opportunity? This is what makes AMP stand apart. We could, not consult. We are in your office, one on one, coaching and helping the doc AND their teams fulfill their dreams. We use small inconsequential things consistently. Time and consistency produce change! Change consitently produces success! 

When the pursuit of happiness returns, fulfillment in dentistry and life returns! Now imagine being so excited on Monday morning to help people change their lives! 





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