How does your mindset impact things? When addressing the exit of Medicaid and PPO's out of your practice, are you prepared, at least initially, to have holes in your schedule? Although this sounds scary, offices that exit these discounted programs slowdown in the beginning yet they build production in a very short period of time. The instant gratification will not come when you choose to get off Medicaid. Your schedule will be slower. Are you prepared for this?

Go back a few AMP shows to the outcome and why. What is the outcome you want to have when exiting these programs in your office? Why do you want to do this? What actions will you take to accomplish your goals? If this mindset preparation is not done around this subject, expect an emotional roller coaster and perhaps some perplexed patients.

How do you go about doing this? Look into your management software and find out three things.

1. How much revenue does this PPO discount?
2. How much does this impact my business?
3. How many patients are on this PPO?

We suggest you do NOT dismiss the PPO that affects your business the most. We ask that you do just the opposite; pick one that affects your business minimally so you can maneuver through the process painlessly. This will give insight on how the overall impact on your business.

Here's how! Script your message to your patients so you prepare yourself on what to say. Explain the difference between in network and out of network prophy fees. Most times it is just a few dollars. Most patients do not know this. They think when their dentist is out of network, they pay the entire portion. If your message is well prepared, you can quickly explain to the patient their benefits.

If we don't give them a reason to want to enjoy their benefits, they will go elsewhere. What is your script going to look like?
How about this? "Mr. Patient, the insurance companies are continually squeezing us and forcing us to use lower fees. With lower fees come inferior materials. We just will not continue to allow them to dictate our level of care...."

The key here is preparation.Think it out. Practice, role play, etc.


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