Scripting and role playing are powerful tools in overcoming cash flow issues in your dental practice, Often we shy away from scripting because it is so uncomfortable and can seem so forced when we read a script word for word. When in reality reading a script is not the correct way and certainly not the most effective way. Scripting in the dental office is about knowing what to say and when to say it and even when to pause. Effective scripting in the practice it should never be reading off written lines to the patient. What you say needs to be real and natural to you. Using scripts in your office should give you the tools to build a relationship and create a favorable outcome. The delivery has to come through your personality, it has to be authentic for you or it will sound fake and hollow and you won't get your message across. It's also important to remember that sometimes less is more. The natural pauses that happen in conversation are a good thing it allows the patent to think about what you are presenting. It's an important part of the script to become comfortable with, and learn not to try fill every silent moment.

In a practice that requires a down payment for the procedures or to have the patient pay in full before the time of their procedure. It's important to emphasize that payment is collected prior because their appointment time is reserved exclusively for them. Emphasize that the Dr is committed to proving highest quality of care, uses the highest quality material and so a down payment ensures that an appointment time can be reserved exclusively for them and the procedure they are having done.

In other practices it a matter of being prepared to collect payment for today's services. It is important to help patient understand what insurance is estimated to pay and what their portion is. Know what to say in order confidently ask how they intend to take care of their balance today. We don't go to the store and not expect to pay we understand that we expected to pay before we leave. We need to have the same expectation in the dental office.
In every office there are the patients that are good at sneaking out the door without paying. When you know you have those patient in the schedule collect in the back before they make it to the front desk. With proper scripting you can make it a benefit to them, let them know you will be saving them time by taking payment in the back and then they can scurry out the door as soon as they are finished.

Scripting provides the confidence to have the right conversations with your patient so that they know payment needs to be taken care of. Being confident and authentic in your delivery will not only enhance communication with the patient it will also greatly reduce the AR headaches down the road.


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