Are you aware of the Golden Temple that is Hygiene in your Dental Practice? When was the last time you and your Dental Team looked at your Hygiene program from an opportunity perspective? Let us break this down for you.

An outstanding dental hygienist that is passionate about oral health, periodontal therapy and the relationship it has with systemic health has the ability to add extraordinary value to your practice and the overall well being of your patients. Your dental practice can maximize performance with a healthy combination of prophylaxis, periodontal maintenance, debridement and SRP appointments. Here is what a hygienist that is consistent in their treatment planning and therapy can bring to your practice.

In a perfect world;

8pts/day x 4 days/week = 32pts/week

32pts/week x 4 weeks/month = 128pts/month

Take 128/month x 6 months = 768pts/2x a year

If your average prophy cost is $200, then do the following:

768pts 2x a year x $200 = $153,600/6 months

Multiply x2 for yearly hygiene production of prophies only= $301,200/year

About 80+% of your 768pats/6months were treated for perio, here is how the #'s change:

768 x 80% = 614 patients

614pts at perio rate (SRP) x 250 = $153, 500


20% of 768 non perio = 154pts at prophy rate x 200 = $30,800

153,500 + 122,00 = 184,300 x 2 (pt seen 2+ times a year now) = $368,600

**These perio patients return in the next six months TWICE at 4910, which is a higher rate maintenance appointment. The hygiene schedule in the next 6 months will fill twice as fast because of periodontal maintenance patients.

The next 6 months fill four times as fast because of returning patients at 3 and 6 month intervals. This model does NOT take into consideration new patients that will fill the schedule even faster. So, what does all of this mean? A one doctor "healthy hygiene" practice should have 2 hygienists for every 768 active patients with a lengthy call sooner list and a backed up hygiene schedule.

There's More.

We recommend fluoride varnish at $20 or so per pt. There is a 5000ppm toothpaste Px that is a water soluble MI paste. Clinpro is made by 3M and I favor it beaches it mimics saliva. The uptake of the product, because it mimics saliva, has tremendous substantivity. Together theses products can arrest decay, should be used for every person with moderate to high risk (all of us). * There's a risk list to Google Docs under fluoride. The risk list is for anyone who either has poor home care, drinks soda or has decay or fillings. All of us. Here's the kicker, how do you get your patients to buy this stuff? Sell the toothpaste NOT as toothpaste, but as a prescriptive toothpaste, which it is. One tube lasts 6 months. Check out these numbers;

$20 varnish x 8pts/day x 4 days/wk x 50wks/year = $32,000

Now add the Clinpro

$30 (we had pts from NY it was $50 there) x 8pts/day x 4 days/wk x 50wks/year =$48,000

Add $32,000 + $48,000 = $80,000
That's only for preventative care. This is a renewable product, puts will re-purchase. It is EASY to dispense.

This does not even touch toothbrush products. We get excited about root planings and varnish and Clinpro because the level of care you are providing elevates the patients' health and the fight over decay is WON!

At a higher level, Clinpro can be used preventively in custom trays for rampant decay, for root decay on the elderly or the drug habit person or cancer patient. They need 3 tubes to start... Clinpro recommended differently for patients at higher risk. More product is needed daily for the above mentioned. These products WILL POSSIBLY STOP STREP MUTANS FROM REPLICATING resulting in avoidance of the dental drill, which is much more costly - to the tooth and the pocketbook!

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