How to Grow Your Dental Office Via Referrals

We get excited when there is an opportunity for growth. There is also a certain level of excitement when the growth not only involves new dental Patients but revenue. The Decision to proceed externally vs internally will become abundantly clear as you measure revenue per patient. I was in a Dental Office recently where we measured exactly how much money was being spent vs the revenue from each patient.........The results were astounding.

As many of you are already aware, the ability to leverage an internal marketing strategy is possible and productive. Once again the common denominator is generally focused on the mindset of the consumer. A great example of external marketing is the consumer looking for a deal, a coupon, or a free service. That type of mindset is generally one to decrease value. Your practice offers exceptional Value, the services rendered are invaluable. Ultimately we obtain more effective results by approaching our most valuable resources....Our Patients. Your Patients will get excited to share their experience with friends and family! The experience reiterates the level of quality and value offered in your practice. It's quite simple, as your patients develop a trusting relationship with the practice, the excitement to share will be expressed to those close to them. Upon the completion of every appointment always ask the patient to refer you to their friends and family. Offer a reward incentive to them for their trust and loyalty to your practice. Other instances to offer referrals might include: in office whitening specials, newest innovative technology, or some new changes within the office. Another great way to receive referrals is through Specialty offices. So often patients randomly call an Oral Surgeon for an impacted wisdom tooth without having a General Dentist. There are also several instances where an Orthodontist is used without the establishment of a General Dentist. These are just a few examples to grow your practice by internal marketing. During our live day event we mention offering patients an incentive for referring a new patient to your office.
Some examples of incentives might include:

Gift Cards
Inter-office Discounts
$50-$100 cash

The preferred method to deliver any of these incentives is personally. At the time a New Patient is referred...explain the process to the referring patient:

1. Have the new patient call and schedule an appointment
2. Once the appointment has been kept and the patient becomes a "patient of record"
3. The referring patient will receive a phone call...with much enthusiasm...invited to stop by the office to receive their incentive.

This is certainly the preferred method of delivery...Let me explain "WHY"
The Patient has a great level of confidence in you already, they just referred their best friend. They should be given the time and attention to feel that value seen in them. Like they are one of the most important pieces in your Office Puzzle.

As they arrive, the front office should notify Doctor. Doctor should then step out if allowed and personally deliver the incentive to the patient. This is maintaining that value, trust, and Communication Bridge between you and patient.

EXCITING! You should feel Elated!!!! Your patients value you and the team enough to bring in their trusted circle of friends and family and you have a new patient to build that exceptional level of value, care, and trust!!!WOW! Let's get excited about Communication!!!!

We also have a Great Referral Program, contact one of our coaches to learn more!