As we all sit and reflect on last year and dream about bigger and better things this year for our dental offices, it is interesting to look backwards and move on from the past year.  Are the Holidays relaxing for you or stressful?  For many, they can be very stressful and can increase anxiety and thus start causing self-doubt and decrease self-confidence.  Is this how it was for you?

To help deal with all of this stress and anxiety many deal with, I suggest you get very focused on what is important to you.  Many tell me that they want to grow their dental practice.  When I ask why, they all tell me "to grow profit."  When I ask what that will give them, I often stump them.  What is really important to you?  Growing your income is only a vehicle to something.  Is it more time off?  Is it more vacations, more charitable giving?  Is it to support a loved one or send a child to college?  I think once you are focused on what is really important to you, you will find it much easier to work toward that goal with the motivation of sending your child to college, or having more free time, or more vacations, or retirement, etc.

Once you have focus on what is important to you, write down 2-3 things you could do in your dental office every day that would move you closer to your stated goal.  Now, here is the tough part for everyone, doing it.  For some reason we all typically know what we need to do to accomplish our goals, we just don't do them.  Sadly it is just a little bit easier to not do those things than it is to do them. How many people  with heart disease walking into McDonalds know they have heart disease and that next cheeseburger could kill them?  Many, and yet they keep going.  Why? Because they are hungry it and it was closer than Subway. The same is true in your dental office.

Today we talk about 1 little procedure you can do on a repeated basis that by itself seems like common sense but not common practice.  However, at the end of the year, it could add up to $60,000 per year.  If people realized this procedure added up to this much, they might take it more seriously.  Don't believe me, do the math.  The procedure in this instance we discuss the need and presentation of adult fluoride.  Watch the video to see how we present it.

Darren Kaberna


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