Chances are when you see people scrolling on their smart phones, they are looking at Facebook, the social media giant! Do you ever wonder if they ever stumble upon your facebook? Better yet, have you even started to thinka bout how you can your dental practice Facebook page a business success?


There are several key elements to consider.

Overall, how much content and what you post will make a big difference in the success of your dental office's page. A good balance of content is essential which would be 1/3 Educational, 1/3 Promotional, and 1/3 Fun!! You can access the analytics along the left margin to see how your page is doing overall. In "overviews," you monitor what is occurring and how to drive traffic to your Facebook page. A feature similar to "pay per click" can increase traffic for fees naturally, to a specific promotion.

You can see the "Likes" on your page along with the "Reach" that defines who your ads are getting to most often. "Page View" is another analytic that shows you the sources of traffic. "Actions on the page" and "Posts" measure data about what is going on. "Videos" tell you how long people are watching your videos. The best ones are 30-60 seconds in duration.
"People" indicates how your base of people break down in terms of men to women, age, and what demographics you are attracting. "Publishing Tools" allow you to see future posts and determine a date to display the stored promotions and or information until you see fit to publish. Hash tags help you show up in more searches.

Get your audience to post and use hash tags so that your message can be expansive.

People like to see the new and beautiful smiles you create. Full facial shots are best. The dental clientele is far more interested in the after shots rather than the before views today. The biggest secret of all is to make your Facebook page personal and engaging, thus earning you the top billing in Google you deserve! 


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