What happens if a patient of yours bates you into a political conversation, backing you up in the corner, and you don't know how to get out! Then it gets weird because you don't happen to agree with the political stand your patient is pursuing.

How do you get out of the mess of getting into a debate? Whether it is employees, team members or with your patients?

In today's world, it could be a bit challenging to get caught in a debate with someone especially when you don't know it will escalate, especially if that someone gets really crazy. So, how can we be "politically correct" without it affecting our business?

The answer is to ask questions. If someone approaches you with some strong opinions, return with question asking. This can be for political conversations or just a response to a patient making silly statements.

You can always divert the topic by immediately responding with something clinical. This will change their point of reference and switch their thinking. You can diffuse just about anything with a response of humor, especially when it is not expected. If the subject gets out of hand, just let them talk. If their carrying on leads you to get emotionally involved, just start asking questions. "Tell me more about that." Who knows, you could always learn something!

When someone is in an escalated, even crazy state, what they are saying is logical... to them. If we were to ask a crazy person questions, it can derail their thought patterns. If we try to judge someone, the chance of influencing them reduces down to about zero. So if you find yourself in a political conversation you do not want to be in, ASK THEM QUESTIONS. Get humorous with them to try to change their state. If you ask curiously to learn more, this can give the ability to have influence, not by asking an opinion, but by asking questions.

If you want out of a heated debate quickly, just agree! Arguments can't be had with two parties in agreement. If you want to focus on dentistry, just tell your patients that the time they are in your office, it is your job to focus on their health. Make it humorous that the political scene is not who you are. Move on from the subject quickly to the health of who is in your chair.

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