How you do anything is how you do everything. Think about it.

As a doctor are you presenting treatment at the best of your ability or are you seldomly going through it?! Lucky for you concept of fullfillment, time, energy and effort will come through time. Ever think about how you can increase those case acceptance number, but simply changing the way you do the simpliest things in your day? We need to LEAD BY EXAMPLE! 

Should leadership take time? In some cases yes. Sometimes it doesn't come naturally, but in order to be affective and really lead a time even if it does come naturally time should be put into growing as a leader. Changes don't happen over night. Unfortunately, we're in such a society where we want everything instantly. For example, we have cell phones, facebook, instagram, online ordering in which you can almost have anything overnight. We want results right away.

The challenge is we're become this immediate gratification world, that anything less then right now is viewed as not worth the time. Take millennials for example, they're viewed as slackers and takers when really it's just a different way of working at things. All of us have become accustom to not wanting to wait on anything anymore. 

This immediately impacts the relationships we have with people. The Divorce rate is at an all time high of 65% and instead of facing one another and working through challenges, not a days people just bale. The immediate gratification isn't there so they trade it in for another and end their institution of marriage. When instead they could have lead by example and worked through their hardships and been prideful of their hard work and accomplishments of not quitting on one another. 

Due to the lack of immediate gratification businesses are struggling, resulting in hardships at home. We're lacking leaderingship at home, at work with our children.

My question to all of you is, if you can't lead yourself how can you lead an organization?

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