You're sitting there wondering what you need to do to get more traffic through the doors of your dental practice, right? Well, with all those dental marketing companies out do you choose? Good news is, YOU DON'T HAVE TO!

Whaaaaat did I just say? I said, "Don't choose external marketing"! Let's take a look at some options you have with growing your dental practice with internal marketing!



As a dental coach, I often see doctors and their teams overlook what I call, "Goldmine Opportunities". There are many opportunities for internal referrals and many ways to use them so that you grow your practice. Each state is different in what it allows as compensation for new or existing patients. So, please check with your board and make sure you are well within the boundaries of the law. Some states (Like Texas) do not allow compensation to existing patients! In these cases, I still ask offices to hand them out, but without any incentive. This lets each patient KNOW that we ARE ACCEPTING new patients.

First, let's just go with how to use this at an office visit. If you have had a stellar office visit due to the great rapport you have with the patient or some great restorative appointment you just finished up, THAT is when you hand out a referral card! But, each team member should hand out two referral cards to each patient they see. I suggest doing this when you hand a patient their next appointment card...Why 2 referral cards? Why each patient? Well, 2 cards so they refer more than one new patient AND each patient so that the CONSISTENCY of this action done over and over produces the results you are looking for!

What I'd suggest saying is, "You've been such a great patient for us! We'd love it that you trust us so much with your dental care. We'd love to help any of your friends, family, neighbors or co-workers. We are putting 2 referral cards in you toothbrush bag. When they come in for their initial exam with us, you get a $50 credit to your account and so do they". **Mind you, this credit will NEVER be given to them as money back an is forfeited if they leave your practice. Think of it as an in store credit! **

Some offices have also given out a crisp $100 bill. They are personally called and thanked for their referral. They are then told to come in for the office to get it. This does a couple things..

First, gets them into your office! Now you can snap a quick photo (on their phone and have them tag you and upload it to Facebook) and give them their money! Cha-Ching...Extra marketing tip for you!

Second, it gets them into your office where, you can let them know of any unscheduled treatment or unscheduled family members.

You can also do internal marketing with an in office dental plan (not insurance, but a discount plan) to market to local businesses who do not have dental insurance! Think of the benefits to your office if the bakery, daycare or other small business has you as the "premier provider" for dental benefits.

We can help you structure an in office plan that can open the doors for dental care to these small businesses that can't afford regular dental coverage for their employees! Ask your coach how and increase your new patients quickly!

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