Someday are you going to do things better? Someday are you going to lose weight, start something new, live a dream... someday? Monday and Tuesday are on our calendars four times a month but SOMEDAY is likely the most often day we experience. Someday I'll be successful, someday I'll change.... Someday. What is it that lights a fire in your heart? What are you willing to change to start a habit? Someday!!

Did you know that 50% of Americans have not seen a dentist in 2 years? Are we being the best dental health care providers when it comes to diagnosing oral cancer? The latest stats on oral cancer are women under 30! If you immediately thought it was older, smoking, drinking men you are- someday -thinking wrong!

We, as dental health care providers, are FULL of knowledge. Why is it we don't share what we know? Why don't we share what we see while diagnosing? Don't we owe it to our patients to tell them what we see from our highly trained education?

What are you willing to do during Dental Health Month to promote your practice? Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone to talk to a group about, perhaps, sports drinks and the effect it has on increased decay? Can you do that at a gym where sports drinks are consumed in large quantities? And while you are there, have a display up about Under Armor Nightguards? You can easily transition your talk about strength and Nightguard protection!! Perfect for a gym environment!

Are you willing to promote your practice to a group? Do you someday want to do this yet still you have not? As of right now, there will be no more someday! Get up! Get out there! Promote your practice that you have built up over your professional lifetime. Be the first to share your passion (isn't this why you went to dental school?) and watch how others will join in your fun! Shoot a video from your phone. Post it on YouTube and your Facebook. Ask for comments!

No more Someday!!