How could uncertain political times affect your dental practice? Have you taken any time to consider this real possibility? The CEO of our dental practice management company is constantly traveling across the United States and lately he is hearing a lot of uncertainty from all types of business owners, not just dentists, who are concerned with how the upcoming election will affect them. In some cases they are already feeling paralyzed by the fear. It prompted him to want to reach out to all dental practice owners, dentists, and hygienists, everyone that is a part of a dental team somewhere to say don't hunker down and wait to be negatively affected!

Political elections have been happening for hundreds of years. There are always at least two sides fighting it out with no one getting along, massive conflicts of opinion, name calling, etc, that will never change. What can change is how you choose to deal or not deal with it. Can you imagine for instance, where we would be if back in 1939 during our countries worst economic meltdown two men by the name of Bill Hewlett and David Packard abandoned their dream of producing electronic equipment?

I wouldn't be writing this blog on an HP, that's for sure! The point is, they didn't let the great depression stop them from pursuing their goals. Instead, they plowed ahead and out of a one car garage started one of the largest computer companies we know today.

How do you think you and your team would do in the face of uncertainty? Would you have a plan in place to keep everyone focused on the goal? Or would fear take over one team member at a time until chaos was running the practice? If you're uncertain of the answer it's time to let your AMP coach know so he or she can help you plan ahead and be ready!

Click the image below to watch the full TV show about the 2016 election and your business!!

Darren Kaberna on AMP TV

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