How will the election results impact your dental practice?


Regardless of whether or not your candidate won, there are some interesting feelings out there about the future of our economy and certainly of dentistry.  I have heard from some doctors that they should just close their doors as it is going to get bad.  I would assume these people didn’t vote for Obama!  Regardless, when we think about how mindset impacts your business, how well do you think that person will perform with that attitude?  Not well I expect.


As we wrote in our last blog entry (last blog), you can’t let the circumstances or the world define you.  The only thing that should define you are your choices.  You have full control on how you respond to the world and the election results.  While you may or may not like the results, the best thing you can do is put your practice in the best position for the greatest opportunity for success.  There are people out there doing very well RIGHT NOW.  Are you doing well or are you letting your attitude get in the way of your success?  “You become that with which you focus on,” - Napoleon Hill.


Should you make the same decisions now about your business that you did a few years ago?  Absolutely not!!  The world and the economy have changed.  You have to be even better at your game and at the business of dentistry.  You can’t sit idly by and let the world have a negative impact on your practice.  Today is the day to do something different and thus get different results.  I am amazed at how many people I meet who continue to do the same things and wonder why the results are not what they want.  


Grow your business skills.  Grow your team and their presentation skills.  Grow your presentation skills.  Do you really know who your competition is?  Do you think it is another dental office?  I don’t think so, I think it is Apple...and other various forms of discretionary spending.  The sooner you understand who you are fighting the sooner you will be able to fight more effectively.


A good friend of mine once told me, “You haven’t failed until you quit!”


Darren Kaberna

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