What do you do if you're having challenges with your team? Act like the problems don't exist, give the other person time because eventually they'll get over it?

What you're going to find is that the only true place to start looking at how to solve this is to start looking at the leader, and if you're not wiling to look at yourself first and foremost then it doesn't matter what you do with your team.

Lets go all the way back to the beginning, and think about your "Why?" It's so relevant in what we do and has such an impact on how we lead our team, patients, and our community. It's very simple, if you're connected to your why, the 'HOW' gets easier.

If you have dental team problems the question is, Do you know your why? Does your team know your why? Most importantly, is it inspiring? If your why is to simply make more cash and plow through everyone in your way, including patients and team members. Yes, you're going to have dental team problems. By contrast, if your why is "I want to change the life of every patient I meet, but improving their oral health." - Think about it, have you ever seen how the facial structure and smile of person can change the life of a patient? Of course you have, and how did that feel? Exhilarating right? It's what made you want to do that for the rest of your life.

Sometimes we think we can just stamp out disease by getting rid of decay and thats good, real good. But if you're motivated to CHANGE A LIFE by improving their smile which will result in improving their lives, and their role in the community. I think that it will drastically cut down on the amount of dental team problems you're currently having. Will you still have team problems if you reestablish your why? Absolutely, I'm not saying if you get fired up about life and get your team fired up about their life you wont have challenges. You will, you're going to have days that you want to end within the first 5 minutes of you walking into the office. What I'm saying is, even on those days remain passionate, lead your team, leave your baggage at the door you can always pick it up on the way out. 

On those days that are frustrating, remember your WHY and if you fall back on it, it will fill you back up. If you don't have it than you'll be running on empty, over and over again. There are so many offices that we go in and 30% of them are the walking dead. They're the walking dead because they're empty inside, because they don't know what their why is. Are you one of those? Are you doing what you can to get by? Are you just trying to keep your head above water? Are some of your team members the walking dead?

Reestablish your why, you'd be surprised by how it'll change you, your team and your patients lives.


If you do that you'll inspire your team and when that happens there's nothing you can't accomplish.


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