I would like to think that every Dental Practice out there has a system of tracking data and any good leader within a dental office uses this data to keep themselves focused on growth. We all know that when it comes to dental patients we tend to ask ourselves if they are accepting treatment, are they appointing ahead and are they paying? These dental patient behaviors can drive practice success and significantly grow a practice.


So, how do we help patients accept treatment, appoint ahead and make sure they pay?

An in house payment plan would certainly help! By allowing your patients a slight discount for all of their routine services you are confirming that they accept their routine care, they will appoint and the payment has been made up front! By giving your patients the perception of affordability for routine care they will be more likely to accept the move advanced treatment that they are prescribed and in return it will only help grow your practice. For those patients that do not have insurance and want something that gives them the peace of mind many people look for with insurance plans an in office payment plan can not only help your prow grow it will also give patients the peace of mind they are looking for.

I have been in offices all across the county that offer these programs and it does great things for both parties; while you are growing your practice you are providing a service that is needed and appreciated by your patients!

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