Google. Facebook. Youtube. LinkedIn. Yahoo. Are you utilizing these outlets appropriately?! It's very important to understand how Google see's you and how your audience or in this case your dental patients see you Google specializes in giving you good local relevant results. Googles local search allows users to find businesses and websites within a specific geographic area. Optimizing for local search requires different practices than for traditional search engine optimization. For example, if you are in South Padre TX and you do a google search for coffee shops, google will show you coffee shops closest to you in that area, it will not pull up results for coffee shops in Denver CO.

The next thing to understand is how does google see you you as an expert. There is some misconception that just linking your webpage from your Facebook page will results in higher rankings. For instance, if you offer a special and have your patient follow a link to your webpage to claim the offer it does help with your ranking, however Google has gotten smart and realized this is only one small piece of the puzzle. Facebook is only one of the keys to internet marketing success.

Link building comes from other websites referencing your website. Simple stated, link building is the process of obtaining links from websites back to yours. Link building is an essential part of search engine optimization; link building must include content creation such as writings guest blogs or articles on other well ranked sites. and building relationships with influencers who can share your content and naturally link to your site.

Here are some things you should understand about your site. One your page the top area is referred to as above the fold. Above the fold is the part of the page you can see without scrolling down or over. The exact amount of space on your page depends on your screen settings. This is the area that promotes the concept you are trying to promote. This is the first spot your audience sees and should tell your audience what you are trying to advocate or what your practice is all about.

If you want to take a more technical look at your site right click over your site and a small box will appear. If you are a MAC user click on view page, if you are using internet explorer on windows click on page element. This shows you lots of very technical stuff, but there are a couple of things you can look for to evaluate your page. The first is the title, this shouldn't be the name of your site, but for many it will be. What you would like for it to say might be for instance complete restorative dentistry, or cosmetic dentistry. The title should be what someone would do a google search for, again this is not the name of your site. The H1, H2, tags are words or phrases used to describe and categorize individual blog posts, videos, and pictures. Correctly using tags organizes content and can help with visibility through search engine optimization

Next you will see your services page, this is where you want the title of the services you offer. In your H1 tag you will want to use specific terms such as dental implants as opposed to just implants otherwise you will be in competition with plastic surgeons. Use specific dental terms such as dental crowns, restorative dental health, dental implants etc.

Internet marketing can be very complex. So whether it is you that is doing it yourself or you're hirring an outside company make sure these key things are not over looked.

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