Once again you're interviewing applicants for your dental office! How do you hire quality people to join your dental team? Let's look at this process and how to get quality staff!

First, write your ad to sell your practice! Don't submit a typical ad for the position, make the candidates WANT to work there, not just have a JOB! Use words like, "Energetic office in search of a team player who knows how to INSPIRE patients to get the best treatment possible. If this sounds like you, please call our office today and tell us why you'd be a perfect fit for our office". Do not make it bland, "Dental office in search of treatment coordinator. Knowledge of Eaglesoft required." (Insert yawn here)

Someone who is looking for a job is either out of a job or unhappy with their current job! Write the ad to inspire those who are Rock Star Quality but unhappy with their current position. Make sure to screen your applications with this one simple sentence. At the end of your ad, place the phrase, "Please define the M in MOD in the subject line." This small sentence will allow you to eliminate those that don't follow instruction!! If they aren't able to follow an email instruction, what makes you feel they will be able handle multiple instructions you'll have to give them in YOUR office!

Once you find the applicants you'll need some questions to ask them. Please don't just ask where they worked and what qualifications they have. You can find that on their resume! Instead ask questions that let you see if dentistry is their passion. Here are a few examples of what to ask:

"Explain your perfect job."

If they give you a one word answer, they are most likely not passionate about their position.

If it's just earning a paycheck to pay the bills, do you think they will be interested to do more than they bare minimum for your practice? Will they be invested in helping you grow?

"Do you prefer to be led or to lead?"

This is a great question to ask, especially if you are looking for a front desk who needs to be self-sufficient. If they like to be led, they may not be a good fit to hold others accountable or to manage your business well.

"How will you sell my practice?"

Did they do their research before coming into your practice? Did they look at your website to see what your passion is? Do they know what your specialize in?

One last thought, when you are interviewing someone to be the "face of your practice". Are they articulate and personable? You are in a very customer-centric business that means your staff needs to build relationships with people to earn trust. Your questions should be about 80% people skills and 20% technical skills. Good luck in your search for that perfect fit!