Making the decision to terminate an employee can be considerably difficult. Depending on the circumstances involved, it might be one of the best decisions that you have ever made. A few important facts to consider as the transition takes place. First, don’t second guess your decision. Second, you need a Healthy, thriving dental practice. Third, tomorrow will be a new day! After all, your boat absolutely will not float with dead weights!!!! 

Moving Forward...The Process moving forward is somewhat critical; not in the sense that it should be stressful. You must now select the right candidate to become a part of your Dental Practice and offer skills to enhance the Team. This is a critical process. When evaluating and making the decision you must keep the entire team in mind. One of the first steps that you must make is to evaluate your office. A few pertinent questions for you to ask yourself are:

These Questions are vital in the Interview Process. The reason that they are so vital is that they will provide you with the necessary structure in your criteria. Therefore, eliminating applicants who might not be the fit that you and The Dental Practice need

After following the steps listed above, you are ready to begin the interview process. By this time, you should have gathered resumes and filtered through qualified applicants. Be certain that you are able to identify individuals capable of performing the immediate challenges and demonstrating unique abilities. Your search begins!!! While filtering through the Resumes you might want to look for certain criteria such as Gaps in Employment, Length of Experience for Desired Position, Education, Certain Qualifications that present themselves as possible assets to your Practice, References, and other pertinent continuing education or related skills .Once you have filtered through the resumes, take your next step! A Pre-Screen phone interview can be a great way to measure personality and phone skills. Let’s face it; every team member should be capable of answering your phone in the office. Some helpful guidelines to follow while conducting the phone Interview are:

Ask short / concise questions, and then follow up with questions such as: tell me briefly what motivates you? You don’t want all questions answered in the phone screening...This portion of the Interview Process really offers you the ability to hear their phone voice, how they conduct themselves on the phone, are they going to offer the level of value needed in representation of your Practice. Once you have conducted the phone screening you will be able to move forward with an in office Interview. Schedule the Face to Face time with your prominent candidates. You are seeking those individuals that have represented themselves and are giving an indication of providing your practice with a unique skill set. Those proven skills will allow them to demonstrate outstanding value in providing your patients with only the best experience. These skills will also enhance their ability to grow with your practice. Questions that you might ask of your candidate(s)

If your candidate successfully completes a Face to Face Interview; schedule for a working Interview. These are just a few strategies in the Interview Process that will help your practice as you identify and select the “right fit!!! Your practice needs an individual that can enhance...provide..Value ...and Grow with your team!!!! An asset that demonstrates qualities that shine!!!!