You'd be shocked to realize the importance of a great Hand Off from the back to the front or the front to the back of the office and how you must warm up the patient, how a proper introduction works, what questions need to be answered before a patient even has the time to ask them and what language to used... Are these things you've thought about?

Do you have a solid Hand off in your Dental Practice?

As we think about this, think about the experiences you have had.

Such as ours. Recently we stayed at the Ritz Carlton property, where we were greeted by two gentlemen, one opened the trunk to retrieve our luggage and one opened the car door to assist us in getting out of the vehicle. The gentleman that took our luggage got to the luggage quickly and had looked at our bag tags and told the gentleman who we were that opened our door so when he opened the door he already knew our names and welcomed us by name when he opened the door. The same man that took our luggage called the front desk and gave them a description of us so when we walked up to the front desk we were again welcomed by name. After a smooth check in yet another gentleman assisted us to our room, physically walking us to our room, but also walking us though the entire hotel and showed us each restaurant, each pool, where the concierge was, the services they had on site all the way down to where we could get our shoes shined and then when he left us in our room he asked us what news paper we would like delivered to the room in the morning. This hotel clearly had a system, a system that was flawless and impressive! There was an anticipation of our needs at every moment, they even found us at the pool the day before check out and offered to check us into our flights for the following day.

I am not suggesting that you welcome your patients in the parking lot and open the door for them, I understand that is not the business we are in; however, I do believe that we are in the business of building strong relationships much like this hotel chain does and it is done though a great hand off of care from each team member to another.

This hotel took genuine care of us during that stay and I can assure you we will return. I am confident that your patients will return and participate in treatment that you suggest if they feel that they are cared for and the hand off from one team member to another goes as smoothly as it should!

Keep in mind, this should be a dynamic and interactive experience. Driving team member and patient engagement through a great hand off and a high level of service can surly increase case acceptance and ultimately our profitability.

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