March Madness, do you miss it yet? What can we learn from last months MADNESS?!

It's clear that College Basketball is extremely exciting, it's full of passion, hard work, drive and the overall desire to lead and finish. There's nothing like watching it, mens or women's college NCAA tournament was a lot of basketball to keep up with. 

Take a second and think about all the preperation that these teams and coaches do? Are you developing a system in your dental practice, that results in such high performance?

Unlike any of the other teams in the Women's NCAA tournament, the UCONN Huskies went on an 111 game win streak, this is more than a 3 year streak. This team is full of how performance, have you ever thought about how to get this level of performance out of your team in the dental practice? How do you recruit team members with that desire, that level of performance?

In an interview last year, the head coach of the UCONN Huskies shared his take on recruiting team members. Gene Auriemma says it's all about finding athletes with a level of character, upbeat, appreciation for their team members and most of all body language. UCONN coaching staff puts a huge premium on body language "If your body language is bad, you'll never get in the game. NEVER. I don't care how good you are." He was patronized for benching one of his top players during a high stake game because she was "Acting like a 12 year old" and not celebrating her other teammates accomplishments.

"I'm checking what's going on, on the bench and if someone is sleeping over there and not paying attention. If someone doesn't care and isn't engaged in the game, they'll NEVER get in the game. They know that."

This is just one reason why UCONN went on an 111 game win streak. He holds his team to standard of performance, he holds himself and coaching staff to a standard of performance and there's absolutely no tolerance for it otherwise. The expectation is set, the accountability is there.

Are you a leader with clear expectations? Do you follow through with your standard of performance so your team understands?

"People will perform at the level you will expect of them."

If you expect them to provide the practice with a mediocre level of performance, that's what they'll provide you with. I dare you to expect a higher level, implement, pay attention to who is actually present, who is participating and paying attention themselves.

Coach your staff to perform at a higher level of education. Invest your time in your team. Coach them up, hold them to a standard, be willing to take the time to push them and ultimately, share your vision and you'll find yourself hitting a level of freedom you never would have expected.


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