Reflecting on the year end in your practice, have you accomplished your goals? What changes have you made? What stumbling blocks did you encounter? Did you grow a ton, yet not enjoy the way you grew? Are you where you want to be or have you ended up in a place where you don't want to be? What are your goals for next year? What do you want to accomplish?

Outlining goals allows a game plan to take place. Create a way to measure what you want and where you want to be. Ask yourself, 1) Did I hit my goal? , 2) What were my results? We all have an innate desire to grow and prosper. Without a plan, there is no direction or achievement.
Look to 2015. Does that look similar to your goals and successes of 2014? What did you want? How did you get there? And, What did you give up to reach your goal? Success rarely comes without a trade off or a sacrifice. Did you actually sacrifice something in 2014 to reach the goals you had in place? If that answer is "no," what can you do differently in 2015 to see successful changes in growth of your practice?

If you start with the end in mind as Steven Covey suggests, you can begin your game plan and start your goals for 2015. Design your perfect day. What does that look like? What procedures are in this day? How many patients are in your perfect day? What does your team look like? Are you understaffed and the team is stressed? Or, how can you grow your team so your perfect day is perfect? Think about the perfect day, the perfect life. What does that look like to you?

Have you found yourself year after year with the same results – wanting to change but not knowing how? Do you desire that perfect day? That perfect life yet don't know where or how to start all this change? Perhaps it is your limiting beliefs (those thoughts in our mind) that are holding you back. Sometimes our attitudes, expectations and beliefs hold us back. What are your limiting beliefs? Do they keep you from your goals? What is your attitude? Is it one of total support of your team and business? What are your expectations of your business? Is this expectation owned by your team as well? Does your team even know what you desire from your business?...... watch the rest of the AMP TV...