Millennial, what is a millennial anyways? There seems to be a handful of different definitions floating around on 'cyberspace' and if I wasn't a millennial my self perhaps I could look in webster's very own and find a definition. But, that's not the case. According to the the baby-boomers, those of Generation X and Time Magazine the Millennial are those born between 1980 & 2000. Meaning Millennials are those who grew up with all of those electronics and the need to be socially involved via the internet. I found that '' pretty much nailed it in the excerpt below.


"They are the generation that has received the most marketing attention. As the most ethnically diverse generation, Millennials tend to be tolerant of difference. Having been raised under the mantra "follow your dreams" and being told they were special, they tend to be confident. While largely a positive trait, the Millennial generation's confidence has been argued to carry over into the realms of entitlement and narcissism. They are often seen as slightly more optimistic about the future of America than other generations -- despite the fact that they are the first generation since the Silent Generation that is expected to be less economically successful than their parents. "

Now, why are we here at AMP talking about this? Because we hear a lot of people complaining that the millennials don't work hard, they're lazy, they feel entitled, etc. Which is interesting because if you step back we can say the same thing about some of the baby boomers that are working in your office, can't we?! What we heard about baby boomers then is pretty parallel to what we're hearing about millennials now. (If you've subscribed to AMP TV, log in and take a look at the clip in the full video for an example of just this.) Think about employment and your grandparents, think about how they stood in line and waited to get a job. To even just get a days work, really think about that. Now, we have people who can't find good help, who can't find a good job and these are the same people running into these problems all from different generations.

The doctors that are sitting here and reading this have all been in the position to where they want more, just like the millennials, just like the baby boomers who stood in line. Now, understanding that this does cause some issues in areas of the workforce. For example, talking to patients about acceptance. The millennials subconsciously have a scarcity mindset, they want to help out a lot, they are very invested in a cause, but in the same breath they're skeptical and cynical. Maybe thats harsh, but if you look at all of the institutions that have failed them, schools, jobs, families, etc. it makes sense.

Corporate America: They've watched jobs getting taken from their families, they've watched corporations take from their neighborhoods and we wonder why they all want to build their own empires? There's this skepticism of corporate america which has resulted in these millennials not trusting corporate america, and becoming entrepreneurs.

Schools: They've watched professors and education systems not provide them with the highest quality of education and educators. We've all read stories about the professor and student, which has put the notion of an unfit environment in the heads of parents and students.

Religion: marriage and how 50% of the families getting divorced.

Everyone one of these area's would make the average joe a little skeptical don't you think? Not trusting jobs, families, corporate america, schools, religion, etc. So what do they trust? They trust information, collaborations, they've become reliant on what they've found online. Google for example, forums, peer information. They value the information they learn and discover themselves.

Bottom line, people will lie cheat and steal over crazy things and that's not a generational thing, it's a selfish thing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, it's me me me. If we put all of this together no wonder that there are some millennials out there that have a hard time trusting just as there were some baby boomers. Go back to the '70's how many people protested the government, the Vietnam war, how many people protested civil rights, all kinds of stuff. Up against the protest the millennials are spear heading, it's not all that different.

We're all broken people that either can come together and acknowledge it, be vulnerable together and grow or we can lie, cheat and steal. You make the choice, but when you walk out of the office later don't be so quick to judge, because you're not all that far from them.

Darren blu AMP Studio

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