When I sat and listened to the TV show called Mind Games and heard Darren say that its not about who you are today, its about where you go and what you are going to do about your life that I thought about all the times I hear dentists say “I just want to be a dentist and do the clinical work I was trained to do”.  Is this something you find yourself saying in your dental practice? 


I believe that we can get to the heart of a very important struggle with many offices when you take the time to think about these two things in tandem.  What does it mean to be a great dentist and what are you going to do change in yourself and in your practice to make it happen before its too late. Being a great dentist is so much more then just being a great clinician. 

It means that you need to build rapport with your team and your colleagues as well as be able to communicate the value of your work effectively. 
It means that you need to be the leader that your team needs and you also need to be be able to plan and adjust to your offices needs (for example, you need to be able to course correct from time to time when it comes to the metrics of your office). 

Seeing how our profession is changing so rapidly and every year brings so many new challenges I would like to encourage you to consider all of these things if you want to have a thriving office.  If you want to have a thriving office the mentality of “just being a dentist” simply can not be there.  I would like to encourage anyone who thinks about their practice and all the great opportunities it can bring but yet says to themselves at the same time “I just want to be a dentist” to think about all the things that are needed to have a thriving practice. 

It goes way beyond great clinical skills.  What are you willing to do to get it?

Don't let the mind games of achieving it get in your way! 

Darren Kaberna will explain this in further detial, click the video below for the AMP TV show! 

Darren Kaberna AMP TV 2017



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