Have you ever thought about the life transforming potential you have when treating your dental patients? When was the last time you treated a person who previously covered their mouth when they talked to you? After the transformation you did for them, did you see how differently they presented themselves? Do you even notice that you've transformed them and have changed their life? You transform people's lives! How often do you celebrate this with your dental team? Are you seeking to transform lives or do you just go to work?

It's one thing to go to work to make a profit. Everyone in business must have this or their business will not survive. When was the last time you did a charity case? A real all out don't charge case? If you are seeking fulfillment in your work, career or just your daily routine, try this.


A Doctor client of ours was getting ready to hire an associate Doc. It was recommended to the owner, by us, for the new Doctor to do a full eight hour day for charity. The potential new hire Doc would do a working interview by treating all the patients while the owner Doctor assisted. The owner got to see how his potential new hire would handle stress (with most of the stress from poor assisting!). At the same time, charitable services were performed. What an idea!

Have you ever thought of doing a donation day for a Battered Women's Shelter? What would the outcome of that look like? It is likely the community would help and you would be giving to people what is definitely not something that is part of where they are in life.

How about one dental case donated a month or one a year, just one. Think of the life you transform because of this. Are you AND your team willing to donate a day with all team member donating their time and talent as well? Those that have done this continue as the gratitude they get from giving grows within them. This has a processional impact, like the stone thrown in the pond with the continuous rippling of the water.

Try transforming lives instead of restoring teeth and watch what happens!


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