Are you familiar with the ADA Standard of Care? When was the last time to read up on it, making sure that you were providing the best Standard of Care to your patients?

Have you ever spent an excessive amount of time on the phone with customer service just to get a simple question answered? It can be frustrating waiting on hold for an hour just to reach a live person. We have all been there and it got me thinking about the dental industry: what is the standard of care and why do some practices accept the minimum standards?

Shouldn't we be well beyond the standard of care aiming for that "wow" factor patient experience? I want to challenge us all to exceed the standard of care. Doctors, revisit your principles and share them with your team. One of our principles at AMP is firm in philosophy, flexible in approach. This requires being grounded and having clarity in your beliefs; specifically, how you and your team are going to work with your patients.

The best example that we see in practices all over the country is in the treatment of periodontal disease. While some practices have wonderful periodontal protocol programs, others struggle with the basic foundation. How would you and your hygienist answer this question: Do you probe every single patient every single time every single pocket during their hygiene visit? If not, why? Knowing that we are in the business of saving teeth and the connection of the oral-systemic link, meaning we could potentially shorten a patient's life by not properly screening for periodontal disease, perhaps this is something to address.

When you hire a company, such as AMP, do you expect the bare minimum results? The reason we can confidently guarantee a risk-free investment to our doctors with specific numbers that contractually promise growth to your dental practice is because we go well beyond minimum standards. Our coaches are trained to not only exceed our contractual results but to under-promise and over-deliver. I am curious to know if the same businesses that keep you on hold for customer service for over an hour train their employees in the same regard or perhaps they do the opposite by over-promising and under-delivering. Which does your practice fall into?

Are you only providing the minimum standard of care in your life?
If this is even slightly considered as how your practice works, let's sit down and re-evaluate.



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