Whether at work or at home; drama needs to be left at the door.  Fundamentally, drama is just simply bad.  It is pervasive.  Such a common denominator for the stress, lack of performance, and overall tone set within the Dental Practice or any workplace.  

Often times we see a trend of coworkers or others that find entertainment in watching or contributing to the struggles of those individuals. Therefore, the focus must be on setting expectations to reduce or eliminate the workplace drama.  

An Attitude of Gratitude must be cultivated within your Dental Practice.  A no nonsense approach must be taken when dealing with office drama.  It is unfortunate that drama has become such a part of our culture.  Literally, a conscious effort must be made to influence a "no drama" working environment.  

Look around your office today an evaluate any negative energy that is being shared amongst the Team.  When drama is ignored, it causes anxiety, fear, and so many other negative emotions.  The entire Team will be affected.  Be certain to find the source of the Drama and develop a strategy to "leave it at the door."

The first step in keeping the drama at the door is to not enable it.  It is imperative to simply not create it and not enable those who seek the drama.  We must be willing to look at ourselves and ask the question of accountability.  When a situation is recognized and unable to resolve itself; take a deep breath and calmly address the drama.  

Start by speaking to the individual(s) one at a time.  

Once you gather the facts ask questions such as:

  1. What ideas do you have to make this better?
  2. When one comes up with an idea, it is crucial to ask the other person if the answer sounds reasonable (you are allowing effective communication to take place).
  3. When they agree on a few solutions or ideas; take the time to write them down.
  4. Once enough facts and ideas are gathered, summarize the conversation by repeating events as well as any problem solving solutions that took place. Reiterate each by using "we" instead of "you or I."

After you have addressed these areas, it will be imperative to offer a strategic plan moving forward.  Then allow the plan to be agreed upon.  There is no benefit to anyone involved by pointing a finger and playing the Blame Game.  In fact, a favorite quote of mine states; "Sometimes being understanding is more important than being right...Sometimes we need not a brilliant mind that speaks but a patient heart that listens...Not keen eyes that always see fault but open arms that accept...Not a finger that points out mistakes but gentle hands that lead..."  This elaborates on the core of Drama.  If you take the time to Listen, set expectations, and just simply accept those around; the outcome will be positive.

The entire team must strive for thriving not surviving attitudes!  As the Leader, you must set the tone.  You must also leave the drama at the door.  If they see you bring it in the rest of the team will inevitably follow your lead.  Again, focus on the reason we show up in our profession.  

Our Mindset must remain consistent with the willingness to accept the limitations set forth from our decisions.  If your mindset is "I an cognizant of the fact that something will go wrong and people will make mistakes," then as it happens you can focus on the solution instead of reacting to the problem.

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