How does the drama in your dental practice evolve? Why does it evolve the way it does? Take a second to undersatnd the roles yourself and each one of your team members plays in the office. 

There is a triangle that's been in rotation for years now that describes drama and the roles different team members play in drama. You have the persecutor, who is defined as the problem dominates, blames, the one who keeps the victims down. The second one is the victim who feels powerless, their dreams are denied, the "Poor me." Lastly, there is the rescuer who is the pain reliever, saves the day but fears not being needed.

No matter which one of these people you are, in your eyes the other two people are the problem. There's no one person that is the problem, we are all guilty of pointing the finger at someone else. The triangle illustrates that in a team dynamic, no matter the role, we are all responsible.

This dynamic is going to develop within a room of people no matter what! However, what if we could transition out of these roles into roles of empowerment? Instead of the Persecutor, Victim and the rescuer, you have the Creator, Coach and Challenger now all of a sudden you have everybody empowered to do this.

So, the question is can we transition our team into an empowerment dynamic to where we are all going and being empowered instead of all just having drama. If we all continue to have drama in our practice and in our lives, we will continue to feel stuck.

Can you identify the role you've been playing in your dental practice? Can you identify the role your team members are playing?



If we can understand our team members and start to understand their hearts we can begin that shift. We can understand how we can change and how we can help out the team, how we can show up. Incredible things can happen.

When you start to shift how we see things, how we see each other, our identity we will start to see sustainability.

Now, take a second and decide which transition you'd like to make. But keep in mind that we can't just go through the motions, we need to commit to the shift from within. 



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