"A thousand mile journey begins with a single step."

Taking the first step is always difficult but eventually it will get you to the top of the mountain. If you have been in business for any length of time you have had challenges within your business that have led to having some tough conversations and making some difficult decisions. How do you survive during difficult times when you feel like your business is failing or perhaps you develop a health issue or unexpectedly pass away? What will happen to your family, employees, and patients? Even if you are not in dire straits, an escape plan is essential in order to be prepared. What is the plan in place if your business goes south?

Think of how the economy was greatly impacted in 2008 or after September 11th. In challenging times filled with fear or anxiety, do we make good decisions or does human nature tend to dictate that most of us would panic and make decisions based upon a scarcity mindset?

Imagine the world is burning down all around you and a huge fire is taking place; is that the time you will think clearly and be able to create an escape plan? Or is it better to prepare in advance? I would encourage a contingency plan for your business not because you intend to fail but in order to set your practice up for success. Perhaps by having a very precise plan that is well thought out in advance it may even motivate you to make great changes that keep you from ever executing this plan.

There are many questions to consider here depending upon how your business is structured. This may be a good time to answer the following:

  1. What does your escape plan entail step by step?
  2. What would happen to your employees, your patients, your building and equipment?
  3. If you are midway through treatment with a patient and have to file for bankruptcy does this become an issue of patient neglect which may then jeopardize your license?

Have you thought any of this stuff through? Do you know how?

We are happy to help coach your through how to address all of these issues as well as helping you emotionally prepare. What I have found is that we can help inspire you and your team to come together and rally and that when you approach this with integrity and heart it can cultivate massive change that leads to a better outcome than you could have ever imagined. I would encourage you to contact your coach if this is an area we can help you with. If you are not a current client please reach out to us- we would love the opportunity to serve you and help through this process.