Believe it or not, woman are raving in the dental industry. Renata Jabuka, joins us today to speak about Leadership and Performance Coaching, she is an expert in behavior change. She says the average human being has a 9 second attention span! When there is a breakdown of communication between the doctor and the team, this leads to a lack of performance and trust. Where is the biggest break down of communication? It is in misaligned expectations and over reaching assumptions. These 2 items together create a disconnect that is destructive to team work and any business' success.



How can we keep the attention of a person more than 9 seconds? Pay attention to who they are and hear the words they are saying, especially the heart behind the words.

Melissa Story

Renata was a victim of identity theft and experienced, as all of us would, and enormous amount of stress and anxiety trying to complete the various tasks to protect oneself when compromised. Finally it was time to go to her bank to take care of various fraud reports. She patiently awaited the next customer service agent with great angst. This lovely woman named Melissa greeted her and as they walk to her private office she began a wonderful conversation with Renata. She first acknowledged how upset she looked and encouraged her to talk with her about it once they reached her office. Melissa allowed her to vent and to really settle down and relax so that they could speak about the crucial next steps in a logical manner. Renata is forever grateful for the quality time Melissa spent with her and will NEVER change banks as a result, while continues to tell the world how great they are! How awesome!!

How often do patients leave your office and "tell the world" how great you are and that they need to change dentists now, if not already your patient!

This is your challenge for the week:

Who is your Melissa and how do you create this powerful influence patients so that they tell the WORLD how great you are? Good luck and do tell your coach of your plans so she can help you implement!


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Renata Jabuka and Darren Kaberna

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