Put some STP in your dental marketing!

New dental patient flow is important for all dental practices. However, looking to gain 100 new dental patients every month for a well-established dental practice does not need to happen and general coupon marketing is not the main answer.
Many practices will spend thousands of dollars on marketing without spending time on STP.

What in the world is STP?

When your dental practice is trying to get the attention of a patient, you are instantly competing with all the other marketing propaganda that surrounds us on a daily basis. How do you get the attention of the type of patient that would benefit most with your dental expertise and passion?

If everybody is your market, then nobody is your market. Your marketing has to be honed in to speak to a select group.

Where do you begin on selecting your market? Try a little STP in your recipe!

First, decide which Segment of demographic patients would you like to have as a patient.

Second, select your Target. For example, your target market is Family.

Third, Position your marketing message specifically for your target market.

Things to think about with a Family market:

Once you have a good understanding of the buying behaviors of your target market, you will have a good idea on how to:

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