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I wanted to address the concept of taking care of yourself first, as I find many, including myself, donʼt. If we donʼt do this, how can we keep our enthusiasm and passion for our business and jobs? As we always discuss, the value of our Prosperity Plan is that it helps to keep you focused on what is important and helps to keep you healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What happens if we donʼt take care of ourselves? Well that depends. If we donʼt take care of ourselves our stress might eat us up and cause us to, at a minimum, be less effective with our teams and patients, and worst case, kill us. How much good can we be to our team members, patients and families if we arenʼt healthy? If we are stressed or if we are dead? I am not trying to be dramatic, but people do have heart attacks because of not taking care of themselves.

I thought a metaphor Michelle Gabrielson shared with me demonstrated the importance of this really well. It is a metaphor about your hands and, as a clinician, how effective could you be without your hands? Could you treat anyone? How much could you impact anyoneʼs life?

The thumb is the strongest of all the fingers. It represents the SENSE THE SITUATION CLEARLY.

The index finger is often used to point to something that is DESIRABLE. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT! Anytime you are pointing at someone else look to see how many fingers are pointing back at yourself. Take ownership.

The middle finger towers above the others and helps the index finger. They are side by side companions. The middle finger EXPANDS

THE POSSIBILITIES OF GETTING WHAT THE INDEX FINGER has defined. It is also the side by side companion to the ring finger.
The most adorned of the fingers, this fingers gets to be called the ring finger. In decisions, we can call this the EVALUATE AND CHOOSE.

The pinky, or little finder, is the weaker of all the fingers in life, and is thought to be the most important. If is often linked to the thumb and causes the most trouble in that combination. We call this the ACT--OR ACTION part of the decision process.
When all the fingers are placed together -- as in a fist -- we call this PERSONAL POWER--OR POWER FOR SHORT.

Each individual finger by itself is quite weak. When combined into a fist, you have amazing power. The same is true of your dental team. Any one person alone doesnʼt make a team and can only have a limited impact on the patients and business. When combined, you have real power! This all relies on each individual being healthy though. Without health, the power of the team is greatly diminished.

Here is the bottom line, you have to take care of yourself first. I know some people will view this as being selfish, but if you donʼt you wonʼt be able to do much for any others. So go for a run, review your Prosperity Plan, meditate, do whatever helps you to stay healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.

Darren Kaberna


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