It's our job to provide Dentists' with the information needed to increase their dental case acceptance. Every once in awhile doctors will come across the big case, our first priority is answering any and all questions that the patient may have, our second priority is closing the case with patient cofidence! Take a look at how AMP role plays a Big case in Dental Case Acceptance. 

What do you do when a new patient comes to you and they haven't been in for many years? First, take them back for a consult and take time to discuss their case and explain to them that due to the time they’ve taken to come back in you have concerns about their decay and  explain the options! In previous episodes we’ve talked about the importance in tapping into the emotions of a patient. In this case you may ask, "You're only 41 and the decay that is being presented here needs to be taken care of. Now understanding expenses may be a concern, how do you feel about dentures?" Give them a worst case scenario, it will prompt then to ask for additional options.   

When answering their questions make sure to explain the best case scenario and really emphasize what benefits they will get from it.  Benefits such as pain relief and their overall physical appearance. These are great benefits to a patient considering they are going to be making a heavy investment both in time and money to make this big case happen! Don’t forget to ask questions, questions are important they allow you to build value within the process!

Often, a big case will be a financial investment to those patients who have not been in for a long time. A great way to show flexibility and concern for the patient is to make this dentistry affordable to them. Patients will appreciate options when trying to make financial decisions! One great way to make this flow easily is to use the AMP patient financing forms that your coaches have on hand. If they have not given this to you yet, please ask them. It will make your life presenting finances much easier and your case acceptance much higher!

The time investment maybe a concern for them due to loss of work, getting rides to and from the office if they're sedated or giving medications. Continually reassure them that you will work to help them in this situation. Often I explain to my patients, it's a process,  " The decay  didn't happen overnight and it won't be fixed overnight, but we will definitely make a plan to get this taken care of in a way that will work for you". 

Often with my doctors I encourage them to not overwhelm their patients with multiple options. I typically suggest them to give the problem, the solution, and the consequence of not doing the treatment. I typically ask them to explain those things to the patient and then not say a word. This will make the patient take ownership of the problems yet be able to make the choices and their decisions based on the information you've given them. By offering financing options, scheduling options and showing genuine concern for how to make this work in their life and in their budget will go a long way.

If you're having trouble with presenting these big cases, just ask your coach they are happy to do some role play that will help hone your verbal skills and increase your confidence for these big cases!