Do you know how to handle a price shopper calling into your dental office? AMPs here to show you the options you have in your dental practice to help overcome price shoppers. To begin we make them understand the importance of their condition, present their case and the value of their decision. 

How can you keep that person engaged on the phone, redirecting their needs by asking questions? What are they really calling about? Are they calling about the price of a product or are they calling you because they left their other office because of a bad experience? How will you handle this situation? Often times a new client is on your phone because of a reason other than what is being said. How willing are you to take the time to pause in the busyness of front office activities and have that potential patient feel special enough to make your office different than any place they have ever been?

When that price question is asked, do you politely ask them questions like, “ which tooth is bothering you?” or “ how long has this been like this?” Do you have a script you use to stall the patient enough so you can ask questions to get to why they are really calling?

Are you prepared to present to the caller the reasons why your doctors dentistry is superior? Do you have a script like, “some crowns are made of better materials than others… this office only uses the best products for your mouth so the dentistry we do will last and not fail.” Then are you prepared to relate this to something they know, like “ Mrs. Jones, it is like going to McDonald’s for a hamburger or going to the local foodie for a real burger – it’s cheaper but may not be as good for you.” Using parallels they understand can be powerfully relational to them.

Have you ever told a client on the phone about the continuing education your doctor attends regularly so his or her dentistry lasts because of this higher level of care? This again can be a powerful tool in helping the new client choose you because of what you are willing to share on that incoming call.

All of this effort on the phone establishes a relationship with a new client that is different than anything they have experienced from any other dental office. You have taken the time to share with them your doc’s continuing education importance, your care and concern by asking questions and sharing what your offices’ high standards are thus creating that first contact step of care and concern. This could be really what the patient is looking for…… watch this short video clip about incoming calls…