Scheduling for Success in Your Dental Office


Last week we spoke about how to structure your daily schedule for the most success. As we have mentioned many times, you have to start with the end in mind. What do you want the practice to look like? What would your dream schedule look like?

I now want to look at this from a higher perspective. Meaning, how do you schedule your practice monthly and annually? First place I want to start though is still on the "daily" basis. Many offices I walk into don't have a daily goal. Those of you that do have a daily goal probably find this to be mind blowing that some do not. The challenge with this is that without a daily production goal, it is near impossible for whomever does the scheduling to hit a goal for the year. I am guessing the reason some don't have the daily goal is because they haven't set an annual goal. So let's work through that process. Lets say you are a $500K practice and you want to grow $100K this year. Most offices work about 200 days per year, so if your goal is $600K, divide that by 200. You need to shoot for $3000 per day. You will need to grow $500 per day from your current production level to hit your new goal. When you have a goal of $100K in growth, it sounds pretty tough. When you do the math, as I did, and realize that it's only $500 per day in growth, it sounds pretty believable doesn't it? By breaking down your goals they start to feel realistic. Now, if you block schedule, as we discussed last week, and your blocks add up to the $3000 per day, I would bet money you will achieve it more often than not.  Work through this process for your practice and your goals.  If you need help, contact us.

The next step is how do we schedule our time from a monthly and weekly basis? Here is what I mean by that. Too often as business owners we all get stuck in the grind of our daily activities and don't take the chance to back up and look at it from a higher level. I suggest you divide your time into 3 categories: 1.) time spent working IN your business 2.) time spent working ON your business 3.) free time. Like I suggested you schedule your daily schedule, I personally block schedule my weeks and months with these 3 categories. I suggest this so it forces you to work ON your business more often. If you don't invest time in system improvement and process improvement it will make it tough to achieve your growth goals. This is why many practices get stuck at the same level of production year after year. They keep doing the same things they have done for the past few years. As an outsider, It is no wonder that this is why they are flat. They don't have a plan or any dedicated time for improvement. Some also don't take the personal time for rest and rejuvenation. A healthy mix of all of these is important. A few times a year I sit under a tree for a day or two, with a piece of paper and NO cell phone, to just think. I find this to be liberating and I usually come up with some great stuff!

Take the time and energy to invest in yourself and your team to improve what you do. It will pay dividends over the long haul. Do it regularly and you will see transformational growth that will take place over the long haul. This is the key to long term success!

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Make this the best year for your business yet!

Darren Kaberna 

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