New Year's Day has now come and gone and already, most people have abandoned their New Year's resolutions! It is a perfect time to be deciding, therefore designing, your personal and professional goals for 2016. What are the goals your dental team are setting for 2016? What about your Dental Practice as a whole? And you as a Doctor, what are the goals you'd like to reach in 2016?



First get clear on what you want and the outcome(s) you desire. One may think that if one thousand people buy a ½" drill bit that they want a drill. They actually want a ½" hole. A client once indicated that he wanted to be more profitable as a dentist. When probing deeper, he actually wanted to be more profitable so that he could work less and spend more time with his family.

Developing and designing your personal goals is not only the "what," and the "why," but also the "how" is essential to creating a plan that one desire's to achieve. Goals should be compelling and cause you to stretch. By writing you plan down and sharing it with others, it becomes much more achievable as it includes the essential ingredient, accountability.

A suggested team exercise is to set aside an hour to goal plan for your office. Allow team to reveal their goals both personally and professionally. Display these written goals for each person in your staff lounge. Design some incentives for the team as goals are reached and of course, celebrate every day in your practice. No matter what happened yesterday, there is always something that occurred that merits acknowledgement.

"In the end, your success will speak for itself." By Patrick Davis

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