When was the last time you turned to your dental hygienist, front office staff, or even a new employee and said "Thank you for all that you do?" Are you aware of the level of appreciation you're showing your team and how that appreciation impacts not only your relationship with them but case acceptance and new patient increase? Staff/Team turnover is the most costly expense any business incurs. Implementing workplace policies that benefit workers and help boost employee retention is not simply a "nice" thing for businesses to do for their employees. Maintaining a stable workforce by reducing employee turnover through better benefits and flexible workplace policies also makes good business sense, as it can result in significant cost savings to employers.




Thirty case studies taken from the 11 most-relevant research papers on the costs of employee turnover demonstrate that it costs businesses about one-fifth of a worker's salary to replace that worker. For businesses that experience high levels of turnover, this can add up to represent significant costs that can potentially be avoided by implementing workplace flexibility. It is costly to replace workers because of the productivity losses when someone leaves a job, the costs of hiring and training a new employee, and the slower productivity until the new employee gets up to speed in their new job.

So how do close the gap? The role of the Leader of the dental practice is to commit to select the right people from the start! Design and develop the stages of hiring including a solid phone interview, an initial on site interview and finally the working interview. Don't be in a rush to hire for the opening in your practice. Have the team involved in all levels of interviewing and seek their input.
Hire employees who are self –directed and who want to achieve results on their own.

Surveys indicate that what people want more than money is appreciation and acknowledgement for their efforts and contributions. Make your office one that catches fellow employees doing something "right" each day. In your morning huddle, be sure to comment or something that went well the previous day and be specific. "Mary, I so appreciate the time you took with Mr. Jones yesterday as you reiterated why the dental implant is his best choice! It takes great patience and you certainly went the extra mile, thank you!" This is a huge deposit into their "emotional bank account."

In the words of Richard Branson, "If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients!"




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