You want to run a great dental practice, right? Do you have a plan? Does your road map lead to success in case acceptance, hygeine, cashflow and patient relationships? Let us help you develop a map for the mindset you'll need, the process and the implementation needed to make sure your map leads you to a successful dental practice. 

Keep in mind it is not always going to be a straight path, very often it may be a very bumpy path. What are you going to do when you come to one of those challenging spots in the road?  Unfortunately sometimes we wind up veering off course and loose sight of the end plan, never achieving our goal. There are going to be detours and valleys, the key is to keep the end goal insight and remain faithful to your map. If you don’t want to keep starting over you must commit to stop giving up. 

First know what your vision is, how are you going to contribute in a greater way? What are you willing to do to step up your game and solve more of your patients problems? When we are solving smaller problems we receive smaller pay. That’s not to say that those smaller problems don’t deserve your time and attention, but the reality is if what you are doing is a one service filling your compensation is not going to be the same as if you were solving the needs of a patient who needs a crown or implant. 

Be the primary role leader in your dental practice and set the vision! 

Put simply, you decide where the business is going. Without a vision, you and your team will wander aimlessly. So we ask you, where is your business heading? 

Establish clear short-term and long-term goals based on detailed and incremental plans to achieve those goals. Without implementing clear goals, and seeing the progress, success cannot be measured. As the leader of your team communicate your expectations to your team. Is your hygienist just in the business of cleaning teeth or is he or she solving a greater problem? Is the hygienist talking to the patient about their oral health and restorative needs?  Is the person in the front just answering the phone and scheduling appointments or are they taking to a new level and being proactive about scheduling needed treatment, being aware if one family member is in is the rest of the family scheduled for their next recall appointment.

It is important to the success of your plan to consistently communicate your expectations to every person on your team.

Another very important part of your plan should be to be continually growing, learning, and developing. The concept of constant and never-ending improvement drives every dentist who wants to be successful. Anything is possible if you have the faith and vision. There will be challenges but when we stay focused and get back on the path anything is possible.



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