Every business owner struggles with creating cohesiveness among the entire organization making sure that everyone is going in the same direction. How can we help the team in your Dental Practice all go in the same direction? How can we grow and thrive.


So often individual agenda’s get in the way of the organizations agenda and as a result of that no progress is made. Sadly, each individual is so focused on their own agenda that they forget to realize that if the entire organization isn’t successful than their agenda is going to fall apart.

A lot of leaders don’t realize that one person can have a massive impact in any size organization. So much so that they can literally drag it one way or the other. Think of tug of war, the front office vs back office, patient vs office, doctor vs assistance on either side. When someone walks up to the middle of that tug of war and just pulls the rope in another direction, the whole thing is pulled in that direction.

Just like that one person can pull a whole organization down or can come in and be that fire cracker, pulling the company to that different level of performance in life.

Even when trying to do the right thing by ourselves, valuing our individual goals sometimes gets swayed or gets in the way because we’re not looking at the bigger picture. Having tunnel vision is extremely beneficial if you’re on the clinical side right, focusing on one area of the tooth. However, it’s not always the same in life. Sometimes we do need to step back and really look at the bigger picture.

What can we do differently?

We can stop, step back and lead as an entire group. Especially as a leader, answering the question are we going the right direction? As Stephen Covey puts it:

“Management is one thing leadership is another. An army is marching through a jungle, management makes sure that we are keeping our pace up, that we’re marching, that we’re getting through the jungle in the right direction. Leadership, climbs a tree making sure we’re going the right direction.”

You have to have both.

The leadership group of an office needs to take the time to get together and make sure the office is going in the right direction. Once we are, we need to defer some of this to management and make sure we’re doing it the right way.

It’s a simple order of operations. As a leader, fuel that fire! The smallest things can fuel that fire, showing appreciation to your staff members, a pizza party, a happy hour (if you do that type of thing) - On the other side of that if you’re an employee reading this right now, how can you help raise up your leaders?

What can you do today, to help this organization?





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