Are you challenged with the feeling of not being good enough?  Do you have team members in your dental office that may feel this way? As an owner or employee of a dental practice, it is key to case acceptance and a positive patient experince that everybody feels appreciated and knows their worth. 

As the owner are you demonstrating this?

This is said to be one of the more powerful topics we'll touch on, the content and video example in this show will make you more aware of how we allow others to question our self-worth.

The TV shows starts with a video of a 7
th grader giving a speech on “Why am I not good enough?”.  She details the things she does in a day to feel good enough:

The TV shows brings us all back to that point when we don’t feel good enough.  How many of us are still living these thoughts every day?

Brene Brown states that we have the most addictive society than ever before.  It isn’t the drugs, facebook, alcohol, etc. that we are addicted to but trying to avoid reality.  When we numb ourselves, we are numbing the good as well as the bad.  In order for others to love us we have to love ourselves first.  We have to train our brains to look for the positive and not the negative; at what makes us awesome.

In closing, remember:

1 universe, 8 planets, 204 countries, 804 islands, 7 seas, 7 billion people, don’t let 1 ruin your day

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