Tomorrow is here and you can't hide from it. Are you ready? Is your dental office prepared for the future of dentistry? How is the solo practitioner going to survive compared to all of the corporate dentistries, and all of the other things that are going on.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

This quote stays true for dentistry as well, there are so many people doing well. But, if you go back to 2000 even more people were doing really well. Since 2008, the dental industry had changed forever the economy alone has changed forever since then. There are so many people that are in pain and suffering, that's true of patients, employees in dental offices, doctors. The pain level of some is a lot more intense then others. There's no doubt that the business world use to be so much easier to work in but it isn't going to go back. The fork in the road has already been chosen, we can't go back and change that road. But, everyday we have a choice, everyday we can choose which road to go down when we reach that fork in the road.

Tony Robbins talks about how suffering is a choice, and to someone who is suffering it sounds like a slap in the face. Sometimes thats all we need. It's a choice to remain in that place. There are so many people who have been through really tough times, no doubt, but you make different choices to live life a different way.

We've got to act on things that are bigger than ourselves! Focusing on me me me me me all the time leaves you at the end of the road with no true fulfillment. Honor your uniqueness and use it, use it and live the path of your soul. It's not easy, but when you get there the fulfillment you'll feel is something that wont have you contemplating which road to take when you get to that fork in the road. You'll just know.

How many of us are sitting here and taking the safe path because your 'scared' or because 'insurance covers it.' Rise up, rise up in accountability, in performance, in our businesses, our families. Imagine if we did that, imagine what kind of impact we would have.

You have the choice.
You can choose the path of suffering.
You can choose to rise up.

Future of Dentistry

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