The New Patient Exam can be the core of your dental practice and can better enable you to provide comprehensive care to all off your patients. A comprehensive dental exam allows the dentist and dental team the time needed to begin building a relationship. It allows the team to build trust that will result in loyal appreciative patients.

We know that sitting down and getting to know more about our patients allows them to become more comfortable with your team. During the New Patient exam we have the opportunity to establish confidence and trust. Sitting down and getting to know more about your patient then opens the door for them to become more comfortable in your practice. As a result, you will have a better chance of providing comprehensive treatment for those patients. No one wants a stranger to treat them. People like to have a friend, someone they can trust, to place the care of their health with.

Few of your patients will have received a complete comprehensive dental exam that includes radiographs, intra oral imagine, 3D imagine and complete explanation of head, neck and oral conditions. Many of your patients will say they have never had such a thorough exam.

Here are some key questions we can ask the patient:

These simple questions can assist you in getting to know your patients so that you can establish their needs and treat them successfully. Talking to your patients in common terms opens the door for conversations that will ultimately lead to comprehensive treatment options.



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