What are your distractions? The ballgame last night, the fun stuff you did over the weekend? All of this can be fun yet can also at the same time be distracting. Distracting to your job, to your life and to your day to day tasks.

Do you text and drive? Do you check your phone for twitter hits, snap chats, etc? Do you do this whenever your phone is alerted? Are you distracted by Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat? How different is this when you present treatment to a patient and they don't hear you? Then, they come in six months later and don't remember you telling them about some kind of treatment? Were they, too, distracted by "life" and didn't hear you?

How many of us go through life so distracted that we are not even present? How about at the dinner table – are you on your phone during dinner? Have any of you one day looked up and wondered where the time has gone? If so, was it because you were so distracted?

Could you be so distracted that your job performance is not as good as your potential? What is distracting you?
A human has the attention span of about 6 seconds. A goldfish has the attention span of about 8 seconds. Are we so fast paced in life that we can't engage in anything because we are continually distracted?

Some of our distractions are real. Financial, marital, personal... all of these things take us away from the present moment. Part of the problem is, some of the previous mentioned distractions were caused because of being distracted!

In your day to day, do you give 100% or perhaps a rock solid 80%? If you give 80% in an 8 hour day, what do you do with the other 20%? Those 1.6 hours a day translates to 6.4 hours a week, 25.6 hours a month and 307.2 hours a year of distractions at work. What is that costing you?

If you have 80% overhead thus leaving 20% margin and you or your team is distracted 20% of the time, what is that costing you? This can impact your income almost 100%.

Here are some numbers for you that can be more real; if your overhead is 65% leaving you a net of 35% and you are distracted 20% of the time, it will cost your net to go down to 15% instead of 35% profit. That is a huge cut in pay.

Where are the distractions in your life and what is it costing you?

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