A successful relationship of any kind must have one common denominator. That common denominator is known as Communication.

Communication opens any and all doorways to Success. If fostered properly in your dental practice, it will be the key to a Successful Practice. After all, the clinical skills provided in the practice are only one factor in the overall equation; the ability to communicate is by far the largest factor.

The level of communication on a daily basis will have a strong impact on the overall performance of your Dental Practice. For example: How you communicate with your staff ultimately has an effect on communication skills demonstrated to your patients. If the Team relationships are not being fostered; it will typically flow outward affecting your patients. Let's discuss a few ways to enhance our communication skills within the office.

The outcome will absolutely break down walls and open doorways to allow Success to overflow in your dental practice.

A Morning Huddle is an absolute efficient and very effective way to bridge great communication between doctor and staff. This will also be imperative between each staff member.

Let's discuss the importance of a daily meeting with your staff:

The Morning Huddle is typically a short 12 to 15 minute gathering usually attended by all staff members and Doctors. Ideally, the pertinent information is gathered the day before. The Doctor and staff should arrive on time and be ready to engage in productive conversation. A desired time prior to the start of the first patient should be elected and remain as consistent as possible. For example: If your first patient is scheduled at 9am, the meeting should be ready to begin by 8:45.

Prior to the beginning of the meeting a leader should be selected. It is NOT recommended that the doctor lead the Morning Huddle. A great suggestion might be that you rotate leaders of the huddle (daily or weekly) to give them an opportunity to refine and enhance their skills. This will also allow you to see other's perspectives on pertinent information.

All Team Members—including Front desk personnel, dental assistants and hygienists—should be encouraged to take a turn in this capacity. A Daily Schedule should be available to each staff member  providing useful information about the patient.

As a team you should agree on topics to discuss prior to the Huddle to encourage efficiency and engage in conversation. A few examples of these topics might include:

An efficiently and effectively run Morning Huddle will set the tone for Growth. Allowing each day to be more productive, profitable, and add exceptional Value!!  A Positive way to end the meeting might be to offer an Inspirational Quote or tell a joke. Just be certain that the common denominator has remained consistent throughout the Morning Huddle. COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY!!!!!!! Now encourage it throughout the entire office and watch your doorways GROW SUCCESSFULLY!!!