Does your dental team really understand the power of the office tour? Do you? Let's talk about a few things to think about when scripting out an office tour. Let's give your new dental patients an experience they're going to remember! 

First things first, obviously you want to make sure your office is presentable and clean it's got to look good. Now, that you're looking over at that shag carpet on the ground in your waiting room, throw it out, replace it, get a new one! Don't just hang a picture over that hole in the wall from when you and your assistant were trying to replay the Hail Mary from Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson last night, actually fix it. Also, get some new chairs, the duct tape is NOT cute.

Secondly, who in your office is doing the tour? Is it Brenda who never comes in happy and isolates herself as much as she can, if that's the case reconsider. The person giving the tour needs to be someone who is really bubbly, perky, a lot of energy and loves interacting with people. Get someone who is going to do an amazing job, someone who LOVES talking to people!

Think about the last time you went on vacation, to Europe lets say or maybe you took your 19 year old to a college campus tour. You're lucky if you get the guy or gal that throws a little humor and excitement into the tour. Otherwise you're in the other group with the very monotone "and over here you have the art institute, there's art in there" oppose to "and right there is going to be the world-renowned art institute with 1500 pieces of art work, some made out of bubble gum and some like Lady Gaga made out of meat!" Which tour would you rather be on? This sets the pace and the energy the patient will carry on to their next visit with the practice.

So what do we need to do after we've patched up the holes and decided on who's doing the tour?

  1. Create Rapport - Call them by there name, make this an experience FOR THEM.
  2. Linking and Mirroring - Mirror the behavior of the person in front of you. If they're a slow talker, slow things down. Linking, how do we find points of commonality? Ask questions, get to know them a little bit. Relate yourself to them.
  3. Story - Make sure we're telling a good story. Whats the history of the office? Whats the history and story of that dentist? Talk about the goals of the practice. Share this story with enthusiasm.
  4. Warm Close - Say thank you and let them know how great it is to have them in for the day.

Find out what their concerns are and make them feel comfortable about what your dental practice has to offer, that will help settle them. Stand out, what is the value proposition of your dental practice? You need to share this with your patients, make them as passionate about it at as you are. Ask them whats important to them, why they're in the office today? Ask questions, show an interest in their lives. Creating this Rapport is going to benefit your relationship with them, their thoughts about dentistry as a whole and they're going to refer you.

The last thing to think about is that the experience you give them during this office tour is going to be something that is talked about an hour later when they get back to work. Give them a good story to tell to their friends and family, give them an experience!

Something they're going to always remember, give them something they're going to want to be a part of.

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The Office Tour

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