Oct 1, 2012 

Think Win Win in the dental practice

Normally one would do this topic with the interaction with the client.  Dentists and their teams have this skill nailed when it comes to the patient.

However, when it comes to the Team, there is often room for improvement. 

We need to focus on Win Win vs Win Lose interactions.

Often people aren't being fully honest with themselves on the difference.  When you are in a disagreement over who is supposed to do what, are you really thinking Win Win?  Is the other person?

Sadly and too often in these circumstances, we do end up with Win Lose scenarios.  We get so emotionally engaged in why we are right (even if we aren't) that we lose focus on the big picture.

How much damage is done to the relationship as an outcome of a fight over something that in hindsight is silly?  How is the work environment after?  Do we try to get our friends on our side?  Does this help the situation?  The answer to all of these is NO.  If you are doing any of these things, you aren't thinking Win Win.

Are we approaching life and our jobs from a Prosperity Mindset or Scarcity?  Do we feel time broke and behave as though we are?  Are we projecting our values on others?  Patients or co-workers?

How do these things impact our behaviors on a daily basis?

We NEED to have:  

Courage - willingness and ability to speak our thoughts and feelings

Consideration - Willingness and ability to seek and listen to others thoughts and feelings with respect

When listening to the other speak in a conflict, are we really listening or thinking up a comeback?  If it is the latter, that is not really listening.  How do you feel when someone is doing this to you?  Not good I bet.

Too often the downfall of a dental office can be in-office disputes.  It is one of the biggest reasons for turnover!!  The cause of the disputes can be from a co-worker or from the dentist.  Sorry doctors, you aren't off the hook!!!  Given many doctors are male and most team members are female, how often does this gender difference cause problems?

If we can all think Win Win in all of our interactions and dealings with each other, won't it be a much easier place to work?  Won't it be more fun?  I'm not trying to claim that we can create a completely stress free environment, but we can greatly improve it.  Who will step up and be the leader in the office and be the big person????  WE ALL CAN!!

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Darren Kaberna


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