From bookkeeping to time tracking, managing daily tasks can take up a significant portion of your workday. Fortunately, staying on track has never been easier, thanks to numerous organizational apps and productivity tools. Keep your dental practice productive and organized with these six tools.

Dental Demo Suite General Practice

One of the top-rated apps for patient education, Dental Demo Suite General Practice enables dentists to inform patients about conditions and treatments. This iOS tablet and smartphone app makes dental problems easy to understand, and dentists can even upload patient photos and organize them into the app's image library for further discussion.

Evernote and Penultimate

Maintaining an organized office can be so much easier when you opt for digital files instead of paper ones. Evernote makes creating digital records a breeze, whether you want to create text-based notes, record a few verbal thoughts, or take reference photos of patient conditions. Some dentists even use Evernote for taking clinical notes, which can sync with a number of apps. If you need serious note-taking abilities, use Evernote's Penultimate handwriting app, which allows you to record observations and thoughts on your tablet with a stylus.


Whether you have a solo practice or strong dental team, keeping files neat and organized is important. With the cloud-based Dropbox app, you can always be sure that you and your staff use the most recent version of any file. Since Dropbox is available on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, it stores and syncs an endless variety of files that you can access anywhere.


In the world of dentistry, patient communication is evolving rapidly, and it's no longer enough to expect patients to make an appointment every time they need advice or assistance. MyDentist bridges the gap between visits and allows patients to communicate with your office via text-based messages and photos. The app helps you stay on top of patient needs and tend to emergencies by responding with urgent instructions or scheduling appointments.

Dental Manager

Calculating costs and tracking treatment plans can be challenging for even the most organized of dentists. Dental Manager helps your practice stay on top of everything by tracking patient information, assessing costs, and planning treatments. The app also allows you to share data among multiple users, so other staff members can input information into the app from a treatment room, the front desk, or nearly anywhere else.


No matter how straightforward you think your accounting is, when tax season rolls around, you're bound to have numerous loose ends to tie up. Shoeboxed helps you keep your finances organized by scanning your receipts and tracking your expenses. If you travel for dental conferences or other work-related purposes, the app can even produce expense reports and track mileage. If you're already using Evernote for note-taking or QuickBooks for accounting, rest assured that Shoeboxed seamlessly works with these tools.

Whether you need help managing clinical notes or you need help with tracking costs, there's an app for that. Use these digital tools to stay productive throughout the day and keep your dental practice organized for the long run.

Image via Flickr by Dr PS Sahana * Kadamtala Howrah