You have just found the perfect employee to join your dental team, how do you move forward with training them in your dental office? Where do we start in this process? How do we trust and delegate?

Our first take in hiring is to clone ourselves when in actuality, we should hire our weaknesses. Hire to address your own weaknesses so you can delegate what you don’t like to do to someone that does! 
Delegation is the key. Do you trust enough to delegate?  If you do it all as the employer, you have a job. If you delegate and trust, you have an empowered team that will do for you well beyond your expectations. 

Do you desire to micromanage your business disallowing empowerment amongst your team members? If you delegate your weaknesses, then verify the results, you will create accountability amongst your team and results for yourself. Without delegation and trust, you will be doing it all when your passionate team members are there to build your business. Tap into their resources!

Quoting Zig Ziglar, “All of us perform better and more willingly when we know why we are doing what we have been told or asked,” gives insight to better communication amongst the entire team and direction that are results based.

Try creating a map for each and every team member. Be specific with expectations and clear for desired results. Whether it is the assistant position, hygiene goals, front office communication and expectations, be clear in your map of what direction and destination you desire, then work backwards to create your map.  Just like creating a treatment plan, once the outcome is discussed, you work backwards with the first set of appointments. Step by step instructions, like your treatment plans, are the means to the end.

AMP has numerous videos with content on this very subject. For hygiene, there is content on hygiene production and treating periodontal disease. For the assistant and front desk team, there are AMP videos on case acceptance psychology or how to get the patient to pay the bills. All of our videos (over 200) are at yours for your own training. Use them so you can have a step by step process in your mapping and destination for training your new hire. 

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