When you want to have the most productive dental office, it's important that you and your staff act as a whole unit. You should all be striving for the same end goals when it comes to the practice, and it should be something that everyone can be openly vocal about. Here are some ways to keep your staff in the loop, and amp up your meetings in a way that people listen.

Be thorough in your meetings

Your staff isn't going to really care too much if the practice isn't hitting the financial goals, if they don't know how they can make a difference. Meetings should be more than just explaining what is going on. They should be about how to correct any problems that have occurred, and what everyone can do to improve in the future. By just saying the words, "we need to improve this," you aren't giving anyone direction on how to improve it.

Involve everyone

Don't just have everyone sit in the room and listen to you lecture them. Let people voice their opinions about how to improve the practice. You never know when one of your employees has an idea that will more efficiently schedule appointments, or remind patients about upcoming ones.

Be aware that when problems do arise, some will try to blame others for these downfalls. Don't get involved in this chatter and look at everything objectively with your staff, and on a positive note. You want everyone to be able to come to you openly and honestly, and if you blame someone, or openly agree with someone who does, then you'll lose that communication.

Keep everyone on the same page

Your practice will flow smoother when everyone is running towards the same goals and objectives. While you may let patients know that you are open for new patients verbally, this doesn't mean they will spread the word, and it doesn't mean your staff is working towards the same idea.

Take time to review with your staff what the goals of the office are. Brainstorm with them so you can come up with a concept that will work for your practice.

Always strive for better

When you talk to your team, be sure that you are always listening, responding, and working towards improvement. It can be easy to let the numbers and problems that arise impact the office in a negative way. This will only close doors with the staff, and the office will suffer. Be sure to let your team know that every problem has a solution, and the end goal is to find that solution in a positive way.

By having thorough meetings, keeping everyone involved and on the same page, and striving for the best possible solution as a team, your office can thrive. More than that everyone will be working towards the same goal, which is success.