Two Things To Achieving Anything Within Your Dental Office

One very popular question among individuals regarding the achievement process is "How is it possible?" The answer is as simplistic or as complicated as you allow your mind to perceive it. Becoming successful or achieving our goals in life begins with two important steps. As Napoleon Hill quoted " Key Characteristics in Achieving One's goals are a Definite Purpose and A Burning Desire."

Over many of years we have watched our World transform with technology. How was this possible? How was it possible for so many amazing minds to achieve this transformation? The answer is quite simple. They had a Purpose, a vision, and a burning desire to achieve their goals. These steps are critically important in achieving both personal and professional goals. Last Year our Motivational Speaker was selected with among 50 other Motivational Authors and speakers to work on a study. The study was to seek out the relevance of the idea that a definite purpose and burning desire were still key principles in the Achievement of One's Goals. The conclusion of the study revolved that those key principles are as important today as they were over 40 years ago.

Now to answer the "How to":
How do you get a definite purpose? You must first decide what it is that you seek. Is it a healthy practice, offering more advanced technology within your practice? There are many reasons for our purpose. Then you must allow the steps to program the direction. By doing so, you allow your conscious to be redirected by your subconscious. As Dr. Steven Covey stated "Begin with the End in Mind." You are Ready to Begin now that you have identified the Purpose and programed the direction. It's time to uncover the Burning Desire and buried Passion. It's important to follow through with your plan; your vision. Do not be like the ball in the pinball machine. It's time to get up close and personal with that vision. Discover the internal feeling that gets you "fired up."

You will ultimately think your success true! Your confidence in yourself and those around you is vital at this point. It's time to be very specific in your goals. Whether they are personal or professional, BE SPECIFIC! As you are writing them down, use present tense. Visualize them as if they were Happening NOW! Then take the time to review them daily. The Emotional attachment will become real when you are capable of visualizing them in present tense. Tony Robbins uses a positive quote often "Picture your Goals as if they are coming towards you." This allows you to experience them.

Remind yourself Daily to review your goals. Define your Purpose and develop that burning desire. Whether you are seeking more positive achievement in your professional life or your personal life remember to live it with PASSION, ENTHUSIASM, and EXCITEMENT!!!!

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