One of the challenges we all have while running any business is getting our ENTIRE team on the same page. How do we get our entire team to share our vision and create a culture that becomes pervasive and motivates the entire team? How do you create lasting company culture?


Often times, the challenge is having the team share or understand the vision of the ownership of the company. If we haven't even created a vision ourselves to share with our team and employees, we don't have a chance at creating any sort of lasting company culture. As owners we really need to take a minute, sit back and think about what it is we're trying to do, what do we want to represent?

Are you just trying to sell stuff and services? Sit down and reevaluate, because those goals aren't very inspiring for team members. What is your passion? What is your fire? If you're in the dental office and you're a dentist is your passion just making a living or is your passion to change the lives of your patients? Your team needs to know, and if your team knows they're going to have your back, your practices back and your patients back. Communicate with your team about what it is you want to accomplish yourself, your vision, your mission, so it can become a cultural thing for the team.

How do you get team engagement?
First things first, is the right team here? Are they people that share our vision or are they just people who show up to do their job? Think about your ABCD players, CD players you know you're going to move them out, the challenge is how do you take your B players on your team and elevate them to an A player. How do you get them to perform at an A level? The problem with B players is they're just doing their job, they're just doing what the job description says. Whereas the A players not just doing their job, they're fired up and excited and going beyond because they share the vision of the practice.

The key is inspiration, we've got to have them inspired by the vision the owner/dentist has to do more, and if we do that it's a complete game changer. Then those employees turn into entrepreneurs, which results in more buy in. Seek engagement from your team, ask for their help, they have a different view and different perspective. Think for a second, what can you learn from your team from what they experience day in and day out that maybe you don't.
We need to do some brainstorming with the team to see what we can do to inspire them to want to change our organization, so they can be an agent of change for you.

If your own employees are not raving fans, you have a problem.

How can you create fulfillment in their workspace? Provide your team with a culture that inspires, praises and most of all makes your employees confident in their opinions.


Darren Kaberna on AMP TV

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